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Inowrocław Economic Area

In response to increasing requirements of prospective investors, the City of Inowrocław prepared approx. 35 hectares of land, comprehensively developed for investment projects, provided with access roads, footways, parking bays and the infrastructure necessary to start an investment process. The Inowrocław Economic Area project was implemented in the years 2007 – 2012 and comprised, besides design and construction work, a modification of local land use plans to enable the introduction and development of companies representing many different sectors. The city managed to obtain PLN 5,923,503.46 from EU funds for this purpose, which accounted for 60% of eligible costs.

The lands making up the Inowrocław Economic Area (IOG) are located in different parts of the city and are divided into the following zones:

  • The Northern Zone comprises the lands in the vicinity of Metalowców St., Marcinkowskiego St, Libelta St. and Szosa Bydgoska St., approx. 25 hectares altogether. The Local Land Use Plan provides for the construction of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, depots, yards, commercial and shopping outlets with the surface area exceeding 2,000 m2, technical infrastructure and vehicle parking areas, as well as greeneries and landscaping structures. The access to the Northern Zone from Marcinkowskiego St. is provided via Towarowa St., and from Szosa Bydgoska St. via Równinna St.
  • The Western Zone is an investment land of approx. 8 hectares situated in the area of Pakoska St., between the Inowrocław-Poznań railway tracks and the land used by SOLINO S.A. The Western Zone was among the winners of the 3rd edition of the nationwide competition “Land to Turn Up Trumps”. The Local Land Use Plan provides for industrial and commercial activities there, with any required infrastructure. As part of the IOG project a sewerage system with a pumping station, a water supply system and storm water drainage system were constructed there. The access to the Western Zone is from the newly-constructed Krucza St.
  • The Southern Zone is approx. 4-hectare investment land situated in the area of Deszczowa St. and Bagienna St. This land is intended for industrial and service activities, crafts and wholesale facilities with any required infrastructure, offices and welfare facilities. The land was sewered and an access road was available before the zone was assigned for investment projects. However, a storm water drainage system and a water supply system with fire hydrants were added. 
  • The Solanki Investment Area – as specified in the Local Land Use Plan – is a land intended for services connected with health-resort activities, culture and entertainment, commercial activities (allowed to be carried out in the health resort), catering, accommodation and sanatorium facilities, and offices with any required infrastructure.

Plots within the Inowrocław Economic Area are acquired in an open tendering process through written tenders, or they can be leased. The current geodetic survey is for reference purposes only and the plot can be freely subdivided according to the investor’s needs.

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